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Who wouldn’t want a shimmering crystal chandelier in their dining room or foyer? Yes, we all want expensive chandeliers and lighting fixtures to impress friends and family but we have to be careful not to break the bank while doing it. Some models can be insanely expensive while others are quite affordable fixtures. So what makes a crystal chandelier expensive or cheap for lack of a better word? The most important element that makes a crystal chandelier is expensive is that the crystal type it is dressed with. Below is some information on crystal chandelier types and how they score on the price board:

#1 Swarovski Chandelier: The most expensive chandelier type - Made in Austria. A chandelier that is made with Swarovski crystals is the best looking and the most expensive one in the market today. Swarovski crystal chandelier can be 5 to 7 time more expensive than other chandeliers.

#2 Swarovski Spectra: Almost the most expensive – Made in Austria. Alternative quality and price to Swarovski Elements, A spectra chandelier looks almost as good as the Swarovski chandeliers.

#3 Asfour Crystal: This crystal is made in Egypt and it has a very nice shimmer and sparkle to it. It is widely used by many manufacturers in the industry. This type of crystal is machine cut and polished to a maximum sparkle.

#4 Hand-Cut Crystal Chandelier: The crystals are cut and polished by hand to a very nice shine and clarity. Price points are usually affordable for hand-cut crystal chandelier designs. Customers usually place them over dining rooms or living room areas.

5 ways to pick your perfect chandelier:

Decide on size. Measure the dimensions of your room first to figure out what size fits the best in your room. Add the width and length of your room ie: if your room is 10 feet wide x 12 feet long, then 10+12 = 22 inch would be the approximate diameter of a chandelier

Decide how many bulbs you will need. Make sure that the fixture has enough number of bulbs to illuminate the room.

Decide on light direction. Lighting fixtures come in a variety of size and styles. If you are shopping for kitchen chandelier you might want to get one with the light facing downward to illuminate the kitchen table. If you are buying a chandelier for a living room, then it would be ideal to have light bulbs facing upward so that they don’t shine in your eyes. For living room application you can always go for chandeliers with shades that offer diffusion.

Chain length: Make sure your chandelier comes with enough chain and the chain is adjustable to desired height.

Make your finish or color selection: If your décor is modern, then go for the designs with geometric designs or designs that have silver of chrome finishes on them. Most modern chandeliers these days come with halogen or LED bulbs to offer brighter or softer light options.